carrara white marbles

carrara white marbles

The marble of Carrara is perhaps the most famous example of this natural stone. Always a choice of class and timeless elegance. The varying background colour and veining can differentiate different types of white Carrara marble, each with its own specific name.

Infinite possibilities with white Carrara marble

This type of marble is an ideal solution for various types of work, from staircases, tops, cladding and for uses in funerary art. The range of choices underlines the adaptability and numerous uses that this natural stone can bring to your spaces and home.

Let us advise you on the most suitable white Carrara marble for you

Lanzeni Srl, with over 50 years of experience behind it, is a reliable partner in the processing of marble and other natural stones. At the same time, it will accompany you within the various possibilities that the shades of white Carrara marble can offer, towards the choice most in line with your personal style.


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