Kitchen sink: the best materials to use

14 Aug 2023 | News

The kitchen sink is one of the home furnishings that you tend to use most frequently every day. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to choose well the type of material that will make it up.

Your kitchen sink must first be functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Even the smallest details can point you toward the best decision to make. Whether it is a marble sink or a stone sink, move according to personal tastes and needs.

Marble sink, does it pay off?

Marble sink can help make your kitchen very important and beautiful. Marble is a fine and delicate stone. Therefore, you must treat it with utmost care, as it can absorb certain substances.

To have a very efficient marble sink, what you need to do is to choose a polishing and anti-absorbent treatment. Pay all due attention to the use of overly aggressive products that could ruin the enamel of the sink.

If your marble sink gets dirty with red wine or acidic substances, you need to go and clean it immediately so that it will not be ruined. Marble is a beautiful material, but you need to pay attention to the objects you place on its surface so that its beauty remains unchanged over time.

The marble kitchen sink is recommended for all those people who cannot give up the luxury of such a fine and bright material.

Stone kitchen sink

The stone sink can itself be an impactful choice for your state-of-the-art kitchen. Stone grants you the great advantage of making any room rustic and modern at the same time. For this reason, it represents one of the most revolutionary choices in recent times regarding furnishing a kitchen.

Such a material proves to be perfect in both extremely valuable and more rustic areas because of its ability to give a very special touch. Stone is liked because it can blend elegantly and elegantly with all styles. A stone kitchen sink, aesthetically speaking, has a very strong and bold impact.

But why should you opt for this material? First of all, natural stone proves to be very durable. It is not damaged by scratches and, over the years, does not run the risk of deformation. These are strong technical features, making this model very attractive and suitable for different situations.

Granite kitchen sink, why to choose it

Over the past few years, the granite kitchen sink has managed to capture a lot of acclaim for several reasons. First, know that this is a stone with remarkable strength combined with a strong aesthetic impact. This expedient remains intact even in the long term and does not present any problems as a result of possible bumps or scratches.

At the same time, if you choose this type of material you are not struggling with a color that tends to fade. This is because it is a compact stone that can be polished or honed by hand.

The weight of the granite sink is perhaps a bit high, but it is synonymous with consistency and sturdiness. You can choose it because it is easy to clean and able to remain intact even in the long term.

Lanzeni, the ideal partner for choosing your sink

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