Laminam kitchen worktops, a choice of style and durability

26 Feb 2024 | News

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, a place where conviviality and creativity come together to create unforgettable moments. When it comes to designing or renovating this central space, the choice of material for the shelves becomes crucial, both to ensure durability and to give it an aesthetic look that reflects one’s tastes. In this article we are going to discover the Laminam kitchen top, exploring together the world of a material that is at the forefront for its balance between modernity and functionality and taking a closer look at a prestigious alternative: marble.

Laminam, an innovative material for ceramic kitchen tops

For ceramic kitchen worktops, choosing Laminam is ideal for those who want an elegant and versatile product that can successfully withstand everyday challenges. Laminam, with its surface highly unaffected by stains, scratches and heat, emerges as a reliable and long-lasting solution, guaranteeing a kitchen that is always flawless and ready for use.

The versatility of Laminam manifests itself not only in its durable performance, but also in the wide range of colour options on offer. With a rich selection of colours and finishes, this material allows you to create unique kitchen tops and made-to-measure: from neutral tones, such as white or grey, to bolder, more original shades, Laminam adapts to every style and preference. Furthermore, the different finishes available, including natural, polished, bush-hammered, etc., allow you to give your kitchen space a distinctive and personalised touch.

Laminam kitchen worktops is composed of clays and minerals that are pressed and fired at high temperature. This process gives the material a superior quality, ensuring durability. Therefore, it is not only a high quality product but also represents an ideal creative variety to express one’s own aesthetic vision within the kitchen.

High-quality alternatives: marble kitchen tops

In the panorama of kitchen worktop materials, marble stands out in a truly distinctive way, thanks to its ability to meet individual needs and desired aesthetics.

This precious stone, with its undeniable natural beauty, offers a fascinating and renowned solution: the wide range of colours and veins available allows for the creation of sophisticated environments, adding a touch of timeless luxury. Moreover, the strength and durability of marble make it a valuable choice for those seeking an investment in aesthetics and functionality.

However, it should be considered that marble requires regular maintenance due to its porosity. The surface, although highly attractive, can be prone to staining, an aspect that should be carefully considered when making decisions.

In exploring the alternatives, we find four varieties worthy of attention: they are absolute black marble, brushed marble, polished marble and travertine marble. Each of these options brings with it a unique personality. Absolute black marble, with its intense tone, adds a touch of modernity and luxury to the kitchen. The brushed finish creates a unique texture that is pleasant to the touch, adding warmth and cosiness. Polished marble, with its reflective surface, gives the room a sophisticated elegance, while travertine marble, with its distinctive veining, lends a classic and refined touch.

Turning to experts is the best way not only to receive professional advice when choosing, but also to fully understand how to care for your kitchen top so that it remains as shiny as on the first day.

How to choose between Laminam and marble?

In the complex process of selecting between Laminam and marble for the kitchen worktop, aesthetics emerges as one of the primary factors to be considered.

In the Laminam kitchen top, its modern, uniform surface offers a wide choice of customisable colours and finishes, perfect for those seeking a contemporary design. On the other hand, marble, with its natural veining and variety of unique colours, is the perfect choice for those who want a classic and luxurious touch in their kitchen, giving any room a distinctive and timeless atmosphere.

In addition to aesthetics, durability and maintenance are crucial in the final decision. In fact, Laminam shines with its low surface porosity that makes the surface resistant to stains, scratches and heat, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring worry-free daily use. Whereas marble, although robust, requires careful handling to avoid staining and ensure its beauty over time, thus requiring more dedication in terms of maintenance.

Budget plays an important role in the choice between these materials. Laminam may be cheaper than marble, while still offering high performance.

Finally, your lifestyle is a determining factor. If you are looking for everyday practicality and durability without compromising on modern style, Laminam is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you appreciate eternal appeal and are willing to spend a little more time on maintenance, marble will fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

The experience of Lanzeni Mario Srl at the service of the customer

Lanzeni Mario Srl is a veritable institution of experience and expertise in the vast world of processing and supplying marble, stone and onyx. With an established history of professionalism, the company presents itself as a reliable partner for those seeking not only quality materials, but also expert advice in the processing and installation of these valuable natural resources.

Our expertise in stone processing is a direct result of deep-rooted craftsmanship and tailor-made professionalism, adapted to each individual project. This dedicated approach results in unique, customised solutions that reflect craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our experience goes beyond simply supplying materials, offering crucial support through our architects, builders and professionals.

We accompany our customers every step of the way, from the selection of the ideal natural stone, through consultancy during the design process and quotation definition, to installation. This comprehensive and customer-oriented approach demonstrates our commitment not only to providing quality materials, but also to ensuring comprehensive and professional support throughout the entire project realisation process.


Ultimately, the choice of material for the kitchen worktop is crucial to ensure an optimal combination of style and durability. Laminam presents itself as a cutting-edge option, offering not only a modern and customisable aesthetic, but also exceptional resistance to everyday challenges such as stains, scratches and heat. Its versatility in terms of colours and finishes makes it possible to create unique kitchen tops to suit every style and preference.

On the other hand, marble emerges as a valuable alternative, with its natural beauty and ability to lend a classic, luxurious touch to the kitchen. However, it is important to consider the porosity of marble, which requires regular maintenance to preserve its beautiful surface over time.

In this context, Lanzeni’s experience in providing quality materials and customised support is an added value for those seeking unique and durable solutions.