Bergamo marquetry: Lanzeni Mario Srl is synonymous with craftsmanship

27 Mar 2024 | News

Marble, in all its beauty, is one of the elements that has always characterised the art and creation of furniture with a unique style. Historically used to create sculptures admired all over the world, it is still a mainstay of interior design today. If you are looking for a Bergamo marble worker, the company Lanzeni Mario Srl is what you are looking for.

Lanzeni is synonymous with a guarantee in terms of quality products that are able to enhance the interior or exterior of the home thanks to the skilful hands of their craftsmen. The elegance and refinement that have always characterised marble are combined with the need to make this industry sustainable and eco-friendly through the use of state-of-the-art machinery and modern processing techniques designed specifically for this natural stone.

Would you like to discover how Lanzeni combines craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and variety of materials? In this article we will explore the passion that this historic company has been infusing for over 50 years into the processing of all types of marble, granite and onyx stones, resulting in works of great value.

Lanzeni experience for three generations

The experience of Lanzeni Srl unfolds through more than 50 years of commitment, in a path that has led the company to establish itself as a recognised historical reality in the sector of processing and supplying marble, granite stone and onyx, combining tradition and innovation.

Founded in 1970 by Mario Lanzeni, the company has much deeper roots, dating back to when his father, Giuseppe Lanzeni, started this business in 1937. The craftsman’s knowledge and skills in working with marble and natural stone have been passed down from generation to generation. Consolidating the years of experience and professionalism in this field, there are now Dolores and Gianmario Lanzeni, Mario’s children, who run the company with the same passion and dedication.

Maintaining a strong connection between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, Lanzeni is now a leading player for those looking for a Bergamo marble maker and beyond. Thanks to its workshop of over 2,000 square metres, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, it offers its customers not only its craftsmanship, but quality workmanship and products.

Lanzeni’s spirit is founded on the certainty of the professional and human qualities of all its collaborators, thanks to the extensive and consolidated experience gained in 50 years of activity honed through consultancy relationships with various companies and architectural firms.

As a marble-working company in Bergamo, Lanzeni offers a combination of craftsmanship and modern technology that revolutionises the way natural stone is worked, in a synergy of classic and modern.

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Lanzeni’s eco-friendly philosophy

Lanzeni Srl has always attached great importance to environmental sustainability, a key element in the company’s philosophy. It is committed to reducing the impact of its activities by adopting environmentally friendly processes and materials.

Lanzeni Srl was therefore not unprepared for the quest for greater internal sustainability. To meet this challenge, it has invested in research and development to find solutions that meet the global demand for greater sustainability.

These include major investments such as the installation of photovoltaic panels for greater efficiency and better energy consumption. Not forgetting important solutions such as the recycling of water inside the works and the relamping, with the replacement of the lighting which has now become totally LED.

Thanks to the increased awareness acquired over the years, marble can continue to be the prized furnishing element that everyone desires, a fascinating and timeless choice that provides a unique touch as an architectural element synonymous with elegance and refinement.

The craftsmanship of Lanzeni, a Bergamo marble company

Craftsmanship is a hallmark of Lanzeni’s corporate philosophy. The determination to produce products of excellence is realised through impeccable care and attention to every detail, at every stage of the process.

The commitment to craftsmanship is precisely reflected in every step of the processing of the different materials, whether marble, granite stone or onyx, from the scrupulous attention to the raw materials to the meticulous finishing of the products. Lanzeni uses only high-quality natural materials, resulting in designs of great value, thanks to the skilful hands of craftsmen who draw on both traditional and modern techniques with great skill.

Craftsmanship that results in unique and customised creations thanks to the colours of marble and other types of natural stone, fully reflecting the customer’s every need. Each project is tailor-made and meets the most demanding requirements.

Lanzeni is a reliable partner for those seeking the best expertise in marble processing, offering knowledge of the best techniques in the treatment and laying of marble, granite and onyx. The company offers products that are the fruit of the craftsmanship and professionalism that have characterised their work for over fifty years. They also provide valuable support right from the initial planning stages, recommending the most suitable marbles for each individual installation, so that the end result enhances the fine quality of the stone.

This is confirmed by the recognition awarded in 2022 by the Lombardy Region as a historical and traditional activity, evidence of the craftsmanship that has been carried out for at least forty years. A documented and ascertained continuity over time of the activity carried out, of the sign and of the constant presence in and for the territory.

The processing of stone, granite and marble

If you are looking for a stonemason in Bergamo and beyond, Lanzeni’s craftsmanship is what you are looking for. Their experience is expressed through the different stages of processing. From the initial, precise cut, to the polishing and sanding process to achieve a uniform surface, through shaping and engraving to create unique details.

The products, the result of this craftsmanship, find application in a variety of sectors such as architecture, design and giftware, enriching environments with the intrinsic beauty of processed natural stone.

Lanzeni is a perfect partner for those seeking outstanding expertise in the processing, treatment and installation of different types of marble, granite and onyx. The craftsmanship, rooted in tradition and supported by a tailor-made professional approach, is reflected in every single project.

A commitment to provide comprehensive support, extending their expertise beyond mere execution. The cooperation with architects, builders or end customers is geared towards offering in-depth advice in selecting the perfect natural stone for each project.