marble and granite

marble and granite

Marble and Granite have always been a choice of timeless class and elegance. Among the wide range of possibilities that natural stones offer, these solutions are among the most popular and appreciated for giving character and customising the rooms of the home in a unique way.

Solutions with marble and granite

Today’s trends mark a return to the use of natural stone for home environments. These certainly include flooring, countertops, wall coverings, fireplaces and bathroom furniture. Although they are two natural stones, marble and granite have some differences between them, such as origin. While marble is formed of calcium carbonates, granite is of volcanic origin and is mainly composed of silicates.

Let us advise you on the marbles and granites most suitable for you

Lanzeni Srl with over 50 years of experience behind it is a reliable partner for marble and granite processing. At the same time, it will be able to accompany you within the various extensive customisation possibilities of your rooms, towards the choice most in line with your personal style.


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