Marble for windows, the best proposals

3 Aug 2023 | News

Choosing marble for your windows allows you to give your home a new face: it is, in fact, a high-quality material that can embellish any type of facade with a few touches of pure class.

You have at your disposal numerous opportunities to make everything go right by selecting marbles capable of meeting your every expectation to the end.

In this article we provide you with an overview of an ever-evolving industry, with a chance to implement the right steps to have modern windows at your disposal that meet each requirement.

Why choose marble for your windows?

Let’s first start with a simple question: why choose marble for your windows? It is a valuable and durable material, possessing many characteristics that make it suitable as a coating for all kinds of window and door frames. Such a proposal proves to be ductile and versatile, highly resistant to the wear and tear of time and weather. Its mechanics make it one of the most widely used materials for lining the exits of our homes. That is why it is chosen to complete most renovation work.

Details also make a difference when choosing exterior window frames. Marble manages to optimally combine a high level of aesthetics with remarkable functionality. Taking better care of your home’s thresholds, that is, the part at the bottom of your front door, windows and French doors, can take on a crucial role.

House thresholds are not only elements of decoration, but they are very important details for the proper functioning of your home and you should not neglect them. These parts of the house have basic and definite roles. The most important task is to insulate the apartment from the outside. For this reason, the marble you go to choose must have very high performance. All this, of course, without ever neglecting the aesthetic aspect, which must ensure a strong impact.

Choosing marble thresholds foryour windows is very important in order to protect your home properly from cold and heat, so you can spend much less on electricity and gas. For this very reason, such arrangements are of great importance and should not be neglected during a renovation. In addition, solutions of this type also allow you to soundproof your indoor environment through your front door or windows.

Marble frames for exterior windows

At this point, all that is left to do is to learn about the types of marble exterior window frames that can perfectly suit you. Please note that this is a very valuable material, ready to give you remarkable strengths in the purely visual aspect and beyond.

Among the best proposals around, we suggest Travertine. Among the most important travertine deposits in Italy are those in Lazio, with the best travertines coming from the Tivoli plain. It is distinguished by an iconic ivory color and lends so much solemnity to the exterior of any of your rooms.

A viable alternative coincides with Olive Gray, which is very often used in turn in the siding of house thresholds. This material can give a decidedly sophisticated and very elegant style. It is a highly prized quality of marble and due to different surface finishes can take on different shades of gray.

Finally, we advise you not to leave the red marble of Verona in the background. This is another type of material that you often find as a covering for home entrances and windows. This marble manages to provide a very unique and out-of-the-box effect. It stands out for a warm and bold color, which manages to give the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Marble window sills and thresholds

If you plan to enhance your building, marble windowsills also take on vital importance. We are talking about the outer part of the threshold of a door or window. Each sill makes direct contact with the lower portion of the windows and has the main function of protecting even the smallest cracks from any kind of weather.

As for marble thresholds, however, we are talking about a solution with a significant thermal impact. If you decide to install them, you can enjoy crucial protection for your indoor environment, which is not exposed to weather changes and agents such as rain, wind and extreme cold.

Again, your assessment depends on local needs and the ability to match each solution to the interior decor.

Lanzeni, an ideal partner in the choice of window marbles

If you don’t know your way around choosing the best window marbles, Lanzeni Mario Srl , a leader in the field of interior and exterior decoration, can absolutely do it for you.

Lanzeni Mario Srl has been operating in its field of expertise for decades and succeeds in highlighting the characteristics of natural stone, marble, onyx and any other high-quality material.

You will find qualified and experienced staff, competitively priced services, comprehensive advice on window marble selection, and thorough technical assistance in every component. Clients are accompanied from the initial estimate to the actual installation, leaving no aspect on the back burner. Each marble treatment is carried out according to the best standards around. It all starts with careful planning of the work, then moving forward with the feasibility study. The work culminates in the creation of the solution required by the client and able to fully comply with the client’s expectations. With such premises, every installation turns into a true masterpiece.