Marble in the kitchen, which one to choose according to your style

6 Jul 2023 | News

Marble in the kitchen allows for satisfying aesthetic results and quality technical characteristics. Interest over time in such a quality material as marble has never waned. So many architects and designers still like to install marble elements to make a functional and aesthetically excellent composition for kitchens.

Pros and cons of marble in the kitchen

Although marble in the kitchen has well-defined features that are useful for everyday tasks, it shows several pros and cons.

Marble is a particularly versatile material; it can be adapted to any type of home decor. You can choose your favorite color and style trend and match the countertop to your decor. In addition, the toughness of marble is unsurpassed, due to the genetic nature of the rock, its workability, and its aesthetic and technical properties, the marble top is extremely durable and can withstand bumps and scratches without suffering any damage.

Marble is also resistant to high temperatures, making it ideal for your kitchen countertop. In addition, marble has many shades of color to choose from, with unique veining and details that add elegance and value to your spaces.

Marble requires specific cleaning to avoid damaging the surface, and because it is a porous material, it may be vulnerable to water seepage and staining caused by aggressive substances. However, these problems can be avoided with a professional hydro oleo repellent treatment; this treatment repels the absorption of water and oily and greasy substances without creating a film, keeping the surface breathable while leaving the appearance of the material and its aesthetic characteristics unchanged. Consider that investing in a marble top could be a good deal in the long run because of its eternal durability.

What is the kitchen top

The term“top” refers to the horizontal parts of the kitchen cabinet, which serve as work space and support for small appliances. This area is the most important and stressed area of the kitchen; therefore, it must be strong and durable. Marble is a unique material, as its veining and grain size cannot be replicated; only Carrara Marble, free of impurities, is considered among the most valuable varieties.

The kitchen top can be made of different types of marble, chosen not only for coloring, but also for specific characteristics. For these reasons, you should rely on experienced craftsmen to make the best kitchen top according to your requirements. This material makes it possible to furnish sophisticated kitchens suitable for luxurious environments, as well as for more classic and cozy ones: choosing it allows you to give a timeless look to your rooms, benefiting from a durable and aesthetically valuable element.

Which marble to choose for your kitchen style?

Marble in the kitchen not only defines aesthetics, but can adapt to it according to style. Not everyone has a modern kitchen, in fact, you can add marble even in a rustic or classic kitchen.

For a rustic kitchen, marbles with warm, natural tones, such as travertine or Botticino, are preferred. Both have veins that give the countertop a natural, rustic look that fits perfectly with the style of your kitchen. The use of marble in a rustic kitchen can be further enhanced through the combination with materials such as wood and wrought iron, which help create a cozy and traditional atmosphere.

In a classic kitchen, colors such as Carrara white or Calacatta can be chosen, using them for the countertop or wall. The addition of wood or metal elements can complement the decor and create a fine environment.

For a modern kitchen, on the other hand, it is recommended to choose marble with discrete or tone-on-tone veining to create a minimalist and contemporary look. They can also be used as a wall covering or to create a peninsula with a unique and distinctive design.

Lanzeni, marbles in Bergamo and province

Choosing marble in the kitchen is not as simple as you might think. The home environment has its differences, and every aspect should be analyzed to achieve the desired result. Thanks to the services of Lanzeni Mario Srl you can count on a dedicated design office, reliable materials consulting, and treatments and installation that are ideal for your needs.

Lanzeni Mario Srl, a company with decades of experience in marble processing in Bergamo and the province, offers valuable solutions for choosing the material that best suits your needs and design style.

Choosing the right marble allows you to transform your room into a unique and elegant area.Our experienced and specialized consultants will guide you in finding the best color and type of material to make your kitchen functional and welcoming.