Marble travertine and stone

Marble is one of the most well-known rocks, a symbol of Renaissance sculpture, present in nature with a wide range of colours and veining. It is a porous material, easily stained, and therefore requires attentive maintenance or protective treatment.

Travertine is a limestone with excellent compactness, thanks to its non-stratified composition, and has been used widely in construction since Ancient Roman times. It is particularly resistant against the elements and chemical substances, a characteristic that renders it a long-lasting material that maintains its beauty over time.

Natural stone is a building material that cannot be polished, a characteristic that sets it apart from marble, granite and travertine.

Stone is characterised by a background colour on which patterns are created by minerals of varying colour. It is a versatile and not overly expensive material that easily adapts to various styles, from rustic to hyper-modern. This category includes many types of stone, from slate to porphyry.

Lanzeni works with a very wide range of marbles, travertines and stones of various colours and patterns.