Modern cemetery headstones: stone or marble?

8 Aug 2023 | News

Choosing a headstone to honor the memory of a loved one is a very important and delicate moment. Modern cemetery headstones made of marble or stone are certainly a popular solution because of their elegant beauty and natural durability. But which material is best suited to your needs? In this article, we will provide some useful information to direct you to the best choice for you.

Marble tombstones, does it pay off?

Marble has always been considered the ideal material for making modern cemetery headstones of a certain prestige. Its timeless elegance and the wide range of colors available make it one of the most widely used rocks for creating tombs and works of funerary art.

Marble headstones are a popular choice because of their aesthetic properties and durability. Marble is a metamorphic rock that offers a wide range of colors and veining, allowing for the creation of custom-made headstones, tailoring them to each family’s preferences and styles. In addition, marbles are capable of enduring and remaining intact over the years.

If you are looking for a marble headstone, there are several options available on the market. For example, if you have no particular demands, you can opt for simple and inexpensive, inexpensive burial or ground headstones. Alternatively, you can opt for a more sophisticated, custom-made marble fabrication by a specialized company such as Lanzeni Mario Srl.

Natural stone gravestones, what do they look like?

Natural stone is an equally fascinating choice for modern cemetery headstones. Because of its durability and the unique characteristics of each piece, stone lends a touch of authenticity and warmth to its surroundings.

One of the advantages of natural stone headstones is their durability. This material is able to cope with weathering and environmental conditions without significant alteration, ensuring long life and preserving the integrity of the memory. Choosing the right stone, together with attention to detail in the workmanship, ensures a final result of great beauty and quality.

Natural stone can be used in a variety of cemetery settings, from family chapels to gravesites and ground tombstones. Each headstone can be personalized with engravings, decorations or symbols that reflect the personality and history of the deceased.

Marble or stone headstone, which one to choose

The choice between marble and natural stone depends on personal taste, the atmosphere you want to create, the type of burial, and your budget.

Both options, marble and stone, are strong and durable; however, marble offers a wide range of colors and veining, which means you can easily customize the headstone based on your personal preferences.

However, natural stone offers a greater variety of possibilities for carving and engraving symbols, inscriptions or decorations, making headstones particularly suitable for expressing the memory and personality of the person commemorated.

Lanzeni offers valuable support in selecting the ideal material for each project, providing technical and artistic advice to ensure excellent and lasting results.

Modern cemetery headstones in Bergamo and province

Lanzeni Mario Srl offers comprehensive assistance in choosing tombstones in Bergamo and the province. Stonework is a true art, and Lanzeni, with its tailored craftsmanship, stands as a reliable partner in making high-quality modern cemetery headstones.

Lanzeni is a company of established experience and professionalism in the processing and supply of marble, stone and onyx. Expertise in stonework comes from craftsmanship and bespoke professionalism dedicated to each individual project.

Thanks to the wide range of services offered, from identifying the most suitable natural stones for the project to installation, Lanzeni accompanies clients at every stage, ensuring that each headstone becomes a lasting and touching tribute capable of preserving the memory of loved ones.