Polishing marble floors without ruining them

4 Oct 2023 | News

Polishing marble floors is a feasible and common activity for those who own such flooring, as marble, being a natural material can easily become dull due to its porous surface capable of absorbing any type of substance. At the same time, it can be restored to its former glory without changing its original characteristics.

If you are wondering how to restore your marble floors to their natural shine, this article is just for you.

How to clean and polish marble floors

As we mentioned earlier, wear and tear can leave marks on floors, especially very old ones, and marble consequently loses its luster. Polishing marble floors, however, is within anyone’s reach if you know the most effective ways to do it.

We specify that each type of marble (there are indeed many, and we have discussed them here) has certain properties and characteristics that need different and specific care.

For this reason, before polishing, it is essential to remove stains by cleaning the floors thoroughly. We strongly recommend the use of specific products for cleaning and polishing marble, which can provide greater safety and efficiency in cleaning surfaces. By doing so, we will avoid unpleasant incidents that can irreversibly ruin our marble.

How to polish marble floors without polishing machine

After removing the stains, we can move on to the polishing phase of our marble floors. This is a task that, with the right steps, can be accomplished by DIY and without the use of a polisher.

To polish marble floors, you need hot water and a microfiber cloth. After soaking in water, wipe the cloth all over the floor and dry carefully, avoiding letting too much time pass because if the water evaporates, it risks dulling the marble.

Another widely used method, however, involves using baking soda, but never rubbing it directly on surfaces. A mixture is created by mixing three parts baking soda and one part water until it forms a kind of creamy paste. Apply a thin layer of the paste to the marble without scrubbing and leave for about half an hour. Then rinse well with warm water and dry.

The mistakes not to make in polishing marble

It is possible, and quite easy, to make mistakes when cleaning and polishing marble floors that can ruin their beauty.

For example, excessive use of water during cleaning can cause water to seep into crevices and cause extensive damage to surfaces. Then likewise, the use of acidic or abrasive substances, such as vinegar, lemon or ammonia, can lead to corrosion of the marble causing as much damage.

Using a completely damp snot or cloths, sponges, rags and cloths that are too rough, on the other hand, can ruin marble floors, leaving indelible marks or scratches on them.

Lanzeni and marble polishing services

If you don’t want to risk affecting the marble floor in your home by delving into thorny DIY cleaning and polishing, it’s a good idea to call in specialized professionals.

Lanzeni Mario Srl, a company with established experience and professionalism in the processing and supply of marble, stone and onyx, among its services also offers treatments to polish marble floors.

Lanzeni has all the appropriate machinery and products to polish marble and remove any type of stain, from natural to those caused by oils, grease, cleaning detergents or sprays.