Pool edge, which material to choose?

18 Aug 2023 | News

Choosing the right poolside flooring is essential for enjoying some healthy relaxation and having fun with safety, preventing adults and children from slipping.

The solution in this regard is to choose m appropriately, opting for solutions that are able to combine aesthetics and safety.

But what are the main factors to consider when choosing? Let’s see together what criteria to consider when choosing poolside flooring.

Poolside, what is it for?

Poolside pavements are elements that must be carefully designed to prevent children and adults from slipping with imaginable consequences.

In fact, the use of these areas surrounding the pool can be very varied: the edge of the pool can be used as a simple transition area or a space dedicated to children’s relaxation. For this reason, it is necessary to opt for a non-slip type of exterior pool coping that will be able to ensure total safety for bathers no matter what use they want to make of it. Going into detail, the factors to keep in mind when choosing the exterior parts of a swimming pool are:

  • Safety: it is necessary that the material chosen be non-slip and capable of ensuring the safety of young children;
  • Durability: non-slip flooring must be able to withstand the wear and tear of time, weathering and continuous contact with chlorinated water;
  • Aesthetics: aesthetics is one of several factors to keep in mind when choosing flooring;
  • Maintenance and cleaning: the exterior of the flooring, as well as its interior, will need to be constantly cleaned, so it is important to opt for materials that are easy to maintain.

Stone pool edges, WHY.

Natural or rustic stone pool floors can combine aesthetics and safety because they are non-slip materials that are resistant to water and weathering.

The natural stone edges are scratch and thermal shock proof, and have remarkable resistance to chlorinated water. They are materials designed to remain in continuous contact with water, easy to clean and maintain.

Also among the most widely used poolside flooring are pool tiles, which have unquestionable strength and quality. Not all pool tiles are suitable for placement in edging, but only those with a high level of slip resistance.

Marble pool edges, is it worthwhile?

The first factor to consider when choosing poolside flooring is safety, and marble is certainly one of the most suitable materials for this purpose.

Marble also represents one of the best non-slip materials, easy to clean and aesthetically elegant. As a natural stone, marble is highly resistant to temperature as well as exposure to chlorinated water and stains.

Moreover, marble adapts to a wide range of styles and themes because of its design versatility. Its presence conveys a sense of sophistication that can enhance the overall appearance of any outdoor space.

By choosing marble as your floor, you can be sure that it will withstand daily challenges. It should also be considered that, marble tiles, require little maintenance, saving time and money.

Poolside paving in Bergamo and province

Thus, when choosing poolside flooring, it is essential to take into account a number of unavoidable factors, including aesthetic impact, chlorinated water and weather resistance ability, and, last but not least, the safety of bathers.

In the offer of Lanzeni Mario Srl there is no shortage of suitable solutions for poolside flooring, capable of combining quality and strong aesthetic impact. Lanzeni Mario Srl, a company operating in Bergamo and its province, has many years of experience in the processing and supply of marble, stone and onyx.