Every material, whether it be natural stone (such as marble, stone, onyx or granite) or an agglomerate (such as quartz, resin or porcelain stoneware), needs to be treated in accordance with the surface finish to be created (polished, opaque or natural), its position (indoors or outdoors), and the final use (surfaces, floors, doorsteps or sills, kitchen and bathroom tops).

The correct application of suitable products and the rapid reporting of any problems is a guarantee for the protection of all types of material.

Lanzeni offers its consultancy services, providing advice and solutions following inspection of the natural or artificial materials in question and the problems encountered.

The main treatments provided for our clients are:

Water and oil repellent protection
To reduce the absorption of paints or oily liquid substances by absorbent stone materials, reducing or eliminating the formation of stains.

Rising-damp prevention
In order to avoid or combat rising damp and the consequential formation of salt efflorescence, flaking, patina or mould, reducing water absorption in the material.

Cleaner-stain remover
For the removal of natural stains or those caused by oil, grease, marks from construction works or spray paints.

For the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces.