Stones for interior stairs: tips and ideas

14 Jun 2023 | News

If the design of your home includes an interior staircase, this article is right for you.

In fact, we will give you different solutions and ideas interior staircases, so you can choose the one that best suits the style of your home and enhance this very important and functional architectural element within a home.

Precisely because it is able to attract attention with ease, a staircase needs to be maximized, and to do this, a stone of quality and natural origin such as, for example, the marble, the granite or the travertine, all materials that guarantee you both elegance and durability, in commercial and private settings.

The types of interior staircases

When planning the construction of an interior staircase, we suggest you delve into the different types available so you can choose the most functional model for your rooms.

The most common and widespread ones are three: ramp, cantilever, and spiral.

The former, also known as open staircases, are the most widely used. This is due to two specific features: functionality and convenience. Such elements are also enhanced by the elegance of this type of staircase, which can be made in three formats, namely linear, U-shaped or L-shaped.

Only disadvantage, they require more space than other types. Therefore, we recommend that you rely on this solution only if the room in which you want to build such a structure is large.

Cantilever staircases, on the other hand, differ in that they are self-supporting, that is, the steps are attached directly to the wall or supported by an iron stringer.

The main feature of these staircases is their lightness, which allows them to be adapted to any type of environment. In addition, they do not require large spaces and can be made of various materials.

Finally, spiral staircases are the types of interior staircases that save you the most space in your home: they can be made on either a square or circular plan and are distinguished by the fact that they can be installed anywhere in the room.

Which stones to choose for interior stairs

When you have to choose between stones for interior stairs, marble is the one we recommend most.

Modern interior marble staircases, in fact, are distinguished by their elegance and sophistication. Through this stone, therefore, you will have the opportunity to add more value to your environment. In addition, it can provide you with a long service life and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Marble also has the advantage of being available in multiple shades and colors, so it will be easier to find the color effect that best suits the style of your home.

Among the most chosen types of marble is Biancone, a very light-colored stone with light veins. Travertine also provides you with a remarkable aesthetic impact, while Granite is an extremely durable variant that stands out for its coarse grain and wide availability of colors. The latter aspect ensures that you can match it with any type of environment.

If you want targeted advice on choosing stones for interior staircases, rely on Lanzeni Mario S.R.L. and you can take advantage of our inspection and personalized consulting service.

Styles and polishing of interior stairs

Marbles for interior staircases allow you to bring to life different styles, ranging from classic to modern. In the latter case, light-colored marbles such as Botticino or Carrara marble are perfect.

If, on the other hand, you love a more elegant style, you can rely on the dark tones of Graphite, Collemandina, Orobic Gray or Marquina.

Interior stone stairs can also be covered with stoneware, a material that allows for innovative and modern work. Stoneware indoor staircase tiles offer great durability, allow you to give continuity between the living area floors and the staircase, and finally, give you the advantage of being able to choose finishes that mimic marble, even those that no longer occur in nature.

In any case, when you decide to make modern marble interior stairs, you should know that this type of material needs care and attention. You must rely, therefore, on specific treatments and professional polishing.

Contact us and you can find out about the treatments offered that allow you to preserve the durability and beauty of natural stone, so that it always remains brilliant and retains its beauty.

Why make modern interior marble stairs?

In the field of interior staircase stones, marble leads the way. In fact, among the reasons you should choose this material are, for sure, its extreme elegance and sophistication, as well as guaranteed durability.

The availability of various shades and colors also allows you to create the style you want and match it with the rest of your home environment.

In addition, the marble can be worked and shaped to your specific needs, so that you can decide to customize your interior staircase in every detail.

Finally, a final advantage of marble is its ease of cleaning and sanitation, factors that are especially crucial for an interior staircase.

How to care for marble and stone for interior stairs

To best preserve modern interior stairs made of natural marble, you don’t need to perform complex processes, but you do need to follow some simple tips that will keep this stone shiny and clean.

For daily sanitizing, use mild soap and warm water, treating the surface with a soft cloth or sponge.

If your staircase, however, has greasy stains, you can treat the marble with talcum powder, which you can leave on for several days.

To keep the luster of natural stone intact, there are a few small tricks to help you achieve a great result, such as using wax that should be applied evenly over the entire surface of the stair treads.

To achieve a professional result and for stubborn stains, such as rust, we recommend that you rely on the professional treatments that we at Lanzeni offer to all our customers.

Lanzeni and stones for interior staircases in Bergamo and Lombardy

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